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DEA Bans Synthetic Marijuana Products

Spice, K2, Blaze.  Most people have never heard of these products let alone been injured by them, yet the DEA has decided to place them in emergency scheduling for a year until more is known about their health risks. Previously … Continue reading

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Q&A: Can I Prevent Nausea While Rolling?

QUESTION: Every time I take E I feel really sick and usually end up puking on the come up.  Whats weird is that none of my mates have this problem.  What causes this?  Is there anything I can do to … Continue reading

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Why NorCal is Stoked that Pot’s Still Illegal

In the aftermath of the Prop 19 failure, many are wondering why the decision to regulate and control (read: legalize) pot in the state of California was voted down.  Isn’t California one of the most progressive, sensible states in the … Continue reading

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Drug Tales from the Crypt: Case of the Frozen Addicts

Who knew the history of Parkinson’s research was so interesting? In 1982, a hospital in California reported several cases of mysterious Parkinson’s disease in young heroin addicts.  It was later determined that the substance causing the condition was MPTP, an … Continue reading

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