The Spark That Bled: Burning Man 2010

Official poster for Burning Man 2010

It’s that time of year again: when free spirits, drug enthusiasts, new age hippies and nature lovers from around the globe descend on the Black Rock Desert for a 7-day exhibition of creativity, radical self-reliance and, obviously, copious drug consumption.  I am of course referring to Burning Man.

This year’s theme–“Metropolis: The Life of Cities”–promises to be a mindfuck like no other.  Yours truly will be attending, and I promise to report back with mind-bending tales of debauchery and (hopefully) spiritual enlightenment.  Not only is it my first Burn, it also marks the end of Summer 2010 for my friends and I, a season fraught with trials and tribulations for me but buoyed up by the anticipation of this one last hurrah–the party to end all parties.  The Burning of the Man, man.

Of course, there are those who disagree with the concept of spending hundreds of dollars to spend a week in the middle of nowhere at an event that deems money to be “against the spirit of the Burn” while allowing vendors to charge for food, shelter and other commodities.  There are also strict rules regarding the public use of pictures and video taken at the event, which has caused some folks to liken it to big corporations like Disney World.  Ouch.

Despite the criticism, there is no denying the appeal of an event that allows you to meet and bond with so many diverse people while enjoying mind-blowing art, music and exotic alkaloids.  Last year, the Burn attracted over 50,000 attendees, all of whom were there for one reason:  to watch the man fry.

Here’s a link to the official Burning Man site, complete with information about this year’s theme, survival tips and other goodies:

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One Response to The Spark That Bled: Burning Man 2010

  1. Solomon Slumber says:

    so how was your first burn? My mates and I stayed at 4:30 and Athens, it was my third burn in 5 years. brain is still recovering from all the wonderful art and music. take care

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